Here’s Some Awesome Stuff About Us.

Forged from the early days (and nights) in the basement of his Indiana home, Indy’s Pro Graphix’s founder Mark Robinson always had a passion for graphic art and what he has built with bare hands.

From hand-lettering the Indy 500 Pit Wall and sides of semi tractors to now - printing large full wraps for all types of vehicles. Mark personally engages all clients with his down-home charm all while quietly building Indy’s Pro Graphix into one the most premier graphics providers in the Midwest!


Indy’s Pro Graphix now has over 30 team members (most of whom we pay) behind your project!  So, with THAT many people, how can we possibly let you down?

Indy's Pro Graphix does the messy projects like large contracts and difficult installs that others say no to.

Clients regard us as one of the greats in the graphics space and our service is better than Chick-Fi -A!  Without the free drinks re-fills.  But we have plenty of water on-site so come for a visit!

On-site, we give our team snappy Indy’s Pro Graphix logo'ed apparel so you know they are not meter-readers.  We keep our job sites clean and tidy so you’re also proud they are on your property!

Here’s some other nifty words that are true but written by our advertising agency so they feel like they’ve contributed.

We have the knowledge, resources, and dedication to make your experience with us the best experience that you've ever had. Our customer service specialists know the questions to ask to get it done correctly the first time. Our design teams have the passion to bring out the best in every project - YOUR project!

Here's our application!

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